Saturday noon

Decided to go to the mall for window shopping, take some pictures and I was having a great day with my friend, Ammar. He took pictures of me and as always I did the same. Again, I have grey, white and black on my outfit as usual. What about your last outfit look?  

Yashica camera

I often use this camera in every photo shoot. Got this super old camera from Bobby's mom. She gave me maybe a year ago for me because she knew that I love photography. I swear, this old camera is really cool. She told me that she used it when she was in collage and it's about 30 years ago. OMG cool right? I'm totally excited to have this Yashica with extra lens and cool leather bag!!! *jump

Grey - is(h) my color

Open up my closet and realize that I have lot of grey, black, white and navy color of clothes. What about the other colors? Yes I have, but I prefer wear four colors that I've mention before. 
I also usually love to wear sneakers or oxford shoes but I don't hate flat shoes or heels. Some of the people was asking me about how to mix and match the outfit, how to combine colors and how to match pattern. So far, I know that the key of mix and match our outfit is confident. 
Some of the people that i knew, they were really creative but crazy to combine colors and patterns, but the I see confident on their soul. 
The other points is find out your own style. There are monochrome style, colorful style, Gothic style, bohemian style, feminine style with pastel color, glamour  style or maybe  fancy style on your soul.
Theres a lot of references on magazines, social sites, social medias, televisions and many others. So, it's so much easily to create your own look :) 

Always Summer

Hot, really hot day as always in Jakarta, everyone would sweating during the day. Everyday is summer in Jakarta hahaha
 When it's hot, we tend to be more bad mood while doing the activity. All we gonna do is just complain and really hard to smile. Personally, I agree with that statement :p 
But don't make it as an excuse, right?  :) 
Here some of pictures that I got when I was hang out with my friend.

Special One :)

I've known him since I was in the 2nd semester on campus, we both at the same class but I just like yaaaa, I just know there's a man named Bobby and that's it. Time flies and we became really closed as a friend. Basically, at first, I don't know that he had different feeling to me because I was silly to open my eyes for someone who standing right next to me. 
Speaking of..... a special moment that maybe every couple had, I post this short story as a gratitude because I have a men which feels like I have a real brother who gently protect me. I learn a lot and a lot and a lotttttt of positive things from him as a child, as a couple, as a student and as a human *proud* 
We may not good for making sweet and kind of romantic date or conversation like another couple, but we both know that we have our own way to keep this relationship. Thank's a lot for two years with me :) 
-We met for a reason, either you're a blessing or a lesson-
Thank you Bob, I will love your jokes every time!!!

Sea World - Underwater View !

Nope, it's not about finding Nemo or Finding Dory, guys... But I love them both and can't wait to watch The Finding Dory on cinema *jumping*
I've been loving underwater view since I was in elementary school because I live on the coast and enjoying the beautiful beach views every day. Always dreaming to directly see how amazing the scenery under the sea until I ended up diving a year ago in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia. 
But, in this post.. I will share my cool experience in the big aquarium in Sea World, Ancol, Jakarta.
 Little while ago, I was visiting one of my vacation list. Actually, I really want to know more about Sea World in Ancol, Jakarta. After seeing some of reviews on google, someone willing to accompany me to fulfill my wishes, Thank you! I'm totally excited!!!
A trick for you who want to visit this place is make sure that you won't come at the weekend :) This place will be full of visitors, especially children in weekend --"
But, glad to know that I made a right decision to visited this place at weekdays hahaa


The World As I See

Who wouldn't be happy to take pictures at the beautiful moments?? Please raise your hand!!!! I guess most of the people will love it :)
I fell in love with photography since I was in junior high school and I still improve my skill that I have. Fun fact, that I've got an idea to make pictures that I captured into some post card and I will send that to my friends in another country. I think that would be a great idea :p
So, I took the pictures below in a different place, at a different time and in different circumstances as well.
~please enjoy and don't take it without my permission~ 
 First picture is a beautiful gold sunset in front of my eyes at my hometown, when I was on my holiday. 
Panjang Beach, Bengkulu city, Indonesia
Second picture is another beach view in my hometown again because I literally love this beach so much.
Panjang Beach, Bengkulu city, Indonesia
Third picture, is a cool view which I've taken from my car on the street. Guys, actually there are lot of beautiful beach or sea destination at my hometown, you can search on Google btw if you're not mind...
Panjang Beach, Bengkulu city, Indonesia
 Fourth pictures is my sharp picture of kind of plant with little flowers on the top around my villa. Idk why but I love the sharpness of this picture and from this picture you can see the spider nets that looks so cool, right?
Puncak, Bogor, Indonesia
 Fifth pictures was taken again on my villa. It's the front side of the villa that looks bit scary but very homey and beauty inside. I hope that i will have a home like that :( 
Puncak, Bogor, Indonesia
Sixth pictures is a simple picture that I love. I love the composition of  tree branches on both of side with a huge blur mount on the back. Well, make it simple.
  Puncak, Bogor, Indonesia
Seventh pictures also about a glimpse of fresh morning landscape.
 Puncak, Bogor, Indonesia
Eight picture is about the Nationalism. Spot the national flag of Indonesia with the beautiful morning view.
Dodiklatpur, Bunder Mount, Bogor, Indonesia
Ninth and tenth picture are about flower theme that was really colorful. I was never get tired to take flowers picture from my camera. 
Dodiklatpur, Bunder Mount, Bogor, Indonesia
Eleventh picture is a big orange flower petal in the garden. Tips: You can make a sharp and cool object like that with a macro or fix lens camera.
Tebet Park, South Jakarta, Indonesia
Does she look cute? I found her crying with her funny pose like that in the park.
Tebet Park, South Jakarta, Indonesia.
Twelfth picture is really amazing shoot that I got!!!! I need your clap guys hahaa :p 
Let say, this is a part of traffic sketch in Jakarta. 
Ooopppss..... Look at his (men in blue) hair style!! 
South Jakarta, Indonesia
Thirteenth picture reminds me that I always love "Bokeh" type of photography
Central Jakarta, Indonesia
Fourteenth picture is my shoot in the food exhibition. But wait, I found a little fish on a plastic and still with my fav bokeh :)
Bekasi, Indonesia
Last picture prove that I'm a food lover!!!!! Hello pancakes come to mama!!!!
For me, foods are always fun to be photographed 
South Jakarta, Indonesia