Trip to Japan (day 7-8, Tokyo-Osaka)

Have you ever heard about Tokyo Skytree? Me and my friends walked from our guest house to see this tower because this is one of the most famous places that you can visit when you’re in Tokyo. 
It’s a sunny day but still cold, so it's a good day to finish my last day in Tokyo. Why not take a lot of good pictures in front of Tokyo Skytree?
Please take a look in every single pictures, you can see that the road and the street are really clean. There’re a lot of pedestrian streets, the city is really well organized and you can feel the fresh air along the day so that was really fun. I swear that you’ll love the ambiance of this city. 
One of the most memorable things in this trip is this Beautiful Pink Flowers under Tokyo Skytree. I thought that it was sakura, if it’s not sakura, it still looks really pretty like sakura. Blue sky, sakura flowers, and Tokyo Skytree completed my happiness in the morning.
I also love to take a human interest photography when I was traveling. Captured their activity, their emotions and their outfits.
After visited Tokyo Skytree, we also visited Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple under that tower in Shibakoen
Look like white sakura right?
That red tower behind me called Tokyo Tower.
After long day, we also visited Ueno park. Actually I really wanted to go to Ueno Zoo and see pandas, but it was closed so I couldn't make it.
I still remember exactly how excited I am when I was arrived in Osaka. I heard that this is a city that full of cool places that you can buy and find anything that you want. One of the most famous city in Japan is Osaka! I had a night trip at 11 pm from Tokyo and arrived in Osaka bus station at 8 am if I’m not mistaken, so that I spend about 6-7 hours to Osaka.
Wanna see my guest house? Take a look at this pictures...
I really really really satisfied and happy with this house. There're 3 floors, me and two girls stayed in the second floor. I don't know how to say, but it's just really big and far from my expectation because this guesthouse is really cheap. We got a room with three bed and a clothes closet, a big kitchen complete with a living room, a bathroom and a toilet. Just three of us in the second floor. Oh I'm so happy!! The boys stayed in another house which is next to our house. 
The boys stayed in this house, dominated by wood which is kinda looks like Nobita's house in Doraemon, right?
After arrived in the bus station, we took a train to our guest house. Our guest House named Osaka Yuyuan Hotel in Ikuno-ku Momodani 2-7-20 Osaka, its about 2,3 km away from Osaka Castle and you can check the guest house from this .It is really near by the Korean market so I decided to take a look around that market and bought a lot of Ramyuns and banana milks as my lunch.
Check-in in our guest house at 2 pm and we take a nap in the afternoon.
After maghrib at 7 pm, we walked around our guest house to find interesting things to do. Back to our guest house to sleep and prepared for tomorrow morning because we had a list of places that we wanted to visit.
Actually, it was rainy day and of course there’re no clear sky. But we still continued our plan to visited Dotonbori.
Welcome to Dotonbori!!!!! Crowded people even in the rainy day. We had a plan to visited Daiso, Dotonbori River, waving man of Glico Sign, shopping, eat a lot of Japanese cuisine and many others. 
Had lunch in a Japanese restaurant in Dotonbori 
After that, we had a plan to eat Pablo cheesecake!!
Oh, have I mentioned Pablo Cheesecake?? In Dotonbori, they had a huge restaurant of Pablo and you can smell the sweetness of this cake even in front of the restaurant. OMG this is super tasty and fluffy!!! This is really cheap in Japan if I compared to the price in Indonesia which is Rp 80.000 for that big cheese tart and Rp 180.000 in Indonesia. I also tried their signature chocolate cheese tart with baked marshmallow and vanilla ice cream and Matcha cheese milkshake!! OMG I’M DIYING!!!! 10 out of 10 from me as a cheese lover!
I thought that it’s just a good food but it turns out became my fav cheese tart ! You must try this !
After shopping in Daiso (also my fav), we also tried the Japanese Okonomiyaki, and Takoyaki in the restaurant near the Dotonbori River. We also visited a huge store of snacks near that place.
After that, we saw the shining lights in the Dotonbori River..
Hungry and craving for a good food, we stopped at the restaurant for dinner and back to the guest house at 10 pm.