Yesterday I wore Black, Today I'm wearing Black and Tomorrow I'll wear Black
I always love to wear a black outfit.
 it will looks good with blazer and heel for formal look, cardigan and flat shoes for casual look and simple t-shirt with sneakers for sporty look. 

Back to Hometown-Bengkulu

 I'm back again!! I open some of folders on my laptop, there's a lot of pictures that I took when I was back to my hometown a year ago. Living in Jakarta with my older sister makes me kinda missing the old days in Bengkulu, I miss that city, family, friends, that beautiful beaches and all of the things that reminded me of my past.
 post cards from Bengkulu..
 Hot day as well but it's the best condition to take pictures with that natural outdoor lights..

- Canon EOS Kiss X7i - f/1.8 with telle and fix lens..

Trip to Japan (day 3-4 Tokyo)

The third and fourth day in Japan are more interesting.. We managed to visit quite a number of places like Harajuku before heading out to Shibuya and last but not least Akihabara. The temperature was around 4-6 degrees, but we really enjoyed our trip..
Like I said on my previous post, Japanese people don't have time to waste, it's like they're in a walking race.. 
Arrived at Harajuku Station and we'll visit Yoyogi Park, Tokyo
Look at my face, so excited to visit Takeshita Dori!!!
and welcome to Takeshita Dori!!! The famous pedestrian-only street is known for it's trendy boutiques, game centers, beauty and fashion stores, the Daiso Store (where you can buy anythin that you dream of) and unique cafes... Santa Monica Crepes, Totti Candy Factory and Daiso are my fav places in this street!!
This is Akihabara, the famous place of electronics and game shops..
 Boys will really love this place! Heaven full of playstations, console game, gadgets, toys, cd games and many other..
Before back to our hostel, we bought the delicious Takoyaki.. 

There's so much beauty when ur eyes lay lost in all the night city lights..
A tiring day but full of happiness and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to visit them in my holiday :)