I was the Bright Light in the Darkness

Selasa, Juni 11, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 4 Comments

 Make up set by REVLON / Ring from Local store / Long Dress by Our Design / Scarf from Zaida
It was my hope, able to be a bright light in the darkness. By light, I was able to change the world. Yaaap that time, I was busy taking care of my Choir Pre-Competition Concert on the 10th of June. I'll share my story about it next post ya :) That night I was tired of all the activities that hinder my hobby, past midnight I could not sleep and I began to make up my tired face, changed my clothes and took the camera out of its place. Because of hardship and fatigue, many photo blur, but unfortunately I do not want to throw it :)
Though the dark, I was happy to be near my camera. This is what I was able to change the mood.

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4 komentar:

  1. I also wish to be the light when there is so much darkness in this world!
    that is why I try to always write light uplifting words in my posts :)

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    1. Good wishes. Let's together be the light :)
      Have a nice day...


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