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Sabtu, Agustus 24, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 4 Comments

Maybe two months I spent my vacation in my hometown, Bengkulu. I'm getting fat because too often eat and sleep, especially foods such as Opor ayam, Rendang, Taucho, Chocolate Crunch, Corn Flakes, Snow White cake that contain lots of fat. But, It was great when the Eid Mubarak holiday to be with family
 The time that I was waiting :) Beach become the most favorite vacation spot in my hometown. This beach is Pantai Panjang in Bahasa, but this could means Long Beach. There are a lot of tourists who come for vacation from various places. This beach is the longest beach in Southeast Asia.

 In the afternoon the beach was very crowded, filled with visitors who want to see the sunset. The next holiday I want to visit this beach again. So, what about your holiday?

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4 komentar:

  1. Love these photos, looks like you had so much fun :) xx

    1. yaaap I'm happy to have a long vacation like this :D

  2. Literally panjang huh? haha If only it hadn't been that crowded, it'd have been paradise (;

    Freedom & Its Owner -

    1. Very long haha :D the holiday has changed the atmosphere of the beach


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