Vietnam Day 5 - Gala Dinner and Festival Night

Minggu, September 08, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 4 Comments

Fifth day in Vietnam very enjoyable. Moreover, in the evening we had to fill festivals in the famous river and the bridge that became the mascot and tourist attractions in Hoi An, Vietnam. Still accompanied by our Liaison Officer, Mua Nguyen and Chi, we are guided toward our festival stage to perform singing. Oh My God ! This place is very beautiful at night!!! many colorful lanterns that adorn the path to the stage.
 At the Gala Dinner, all participants of choir competition gathered for dinner, enjoy a night in Hoi An with music and beautiful scenery. The beautiful candles would be given to each participant and each participant can make prayers and hopes of holding a candle then washed away into the river. Oh ya,I wear a peplum dress and  Songket batik from Indonesia :D
This is the famous bride in Hoi An.
yap we enjoyed our evening's performances to entertain all the tourists who come.
 Each state flag fluttering high in the Gala Dinner. Indonesian state flag in the sixth position of the right
This beautiful evening closed with music and full of fireworks. Vietnam night sky is so beautiful and unforgettable.

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  2. Wao these photos turned out beautiful, I absolutely love all the glow from the candles and lanterns. It looks like you had a lovely evening, I'm so happy for you :)

    1. Thank you, Marie. Surely, I had a very lovely evening :D


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