Paramadina Choir Pre-Vietnam International Competition Concert 2013

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Well this story starts when I have chosen the way forward for the following option has been provided. Choir became one of the biggest self identity for me. Because singing has become fun once my hobby of photography. I swear really enjoy singing and it could make me turn into a happy mood. Choir practice became routine for me with 5 times a week. 
Guys, it would be really really bored if u do not like it! But, I Realize that I enjoyed it, match the tone of the singer's voice so the songs piled on the music folder can pitch. Draining mind and of course the time that I and my friends have in the choir team.
This time, we face the challenge of implementing a large annual concert to be held in the Auditorium Yamaha Music Indonesia in South Jakarta. We will turn this place into a very classic and elegant rooms plus a large Yamaha piano in the corner of the stage.
The concert was held twice in one day. We brought 20 songs for each shift. The first shift held at 3:30 until 5:30 pm and the second shift held at 6.30pm until 8.30pm.In one shift is filled with 20 songs and it will be divided into two parts, namely the songs Classic and Folklore songs or folk songs from Indonesia with some choreography. It's exhausting to sing 40 songs. Hahaha: p tickets are very limited, gold at a price of 100k, silver with 75k and bronze with 40k. This concert can be done with a lot of support and help from various parties sponsors and donors.
with a white shirt, we sang the classic song
 movements that we use when we sing folklore songs are not overly complicated, with the purpose to entertain the audience. yaaaap the audience entertained and many who can not stand not to laugh
rector of the campus, Mr. Anies Bawedan were able to attend this event and inaugurate our departure to Vietnam.
lets have a party guys !!!
I'm very happy, because my friends, family, and relatives can attend this event
And we love PARAMADINA CHOIR !! ^^

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