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Jumat, Juni 17, 2016 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

I've known him since I was in the 2nd semester on campus, we both at the same class but I just like yaaaa, I just know there's a man named Bobby and that's it. Time flies and we became really closed as a friend. Basically, at first, I don't know that he had different feeling to me because I was silly to open my eyes for someone who standing right next to me. 
Speaking of..... a special moment that maybe every couple had, I post this short story as a gratitude because I have a men which feels like I have a real brother who gently protect me. I learn a lot and a lot and a lotttttt of positive things from him as a child, as a couple, as a student and as a human *proud* 
We may not good for making sweet and kind of romantic date or conversation like another couple, but we both know that we have our own way to keep this relationship. Thank's a lot for two years with me :) 
-We met for a reason, either you're a blessing or a lesson-
Thank you Bob, I will love your jokes every time!!!

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