Grey - is(h) my color

Kamis, Juni 30, 2016 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

Open up my closet and realize that I have lot of grey, black, white and navy color of clothes. What about the other colors? Yes I have, but I prefer wear four colors that I've mention before. 
I also usually love to wear sneakers or oxford shoes but I don't hate flat shoes or heels. Some of the people was asking me about how to mix and match the outfit, how to combine colors and how to match pattern. So far, I know that the key of mix and match our outfit is confident. 
Some of the people that i knew, they were really creative but crazy to combine colors and patterns, but the I see confident on their soul. 
The other points is find out your own style. There are monochrome style, colorful style, Gothic style, bohemian style, feminine style with pastel color, glamour  style or maybe  fancy style on your soul.
Theres a lot of references on magazines, social sites, social medias, televisions and many others. So, it's so much easily to create your own look :) 

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