Malam Seni Betawi - Dies Natalis Universitas Paramdina 2013

Sabtu, Februari 02, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

Closing day of Dies Natalis Paramadina University has arrived. This event took place very festive. With a theme that makes all of you who watch directly will laugh because there are Betawi theme complete with big Ondel-Ondel and all of the committees with Betawi costumes like Abang None Jakarta.
This show is hosted by MC from Abang None Jakarta the other hand they are students Paramadina.
there are a lot of musical performances, readings winners from nominations, door prizes and Paramadina University Lipdub video views.
you can go on youtube by clicking:
there was a man who had been selling  Betawi's food that is Kerak Telor
capoeira show their talent  last night
very enjoyable evening as could attend this big event with my friends.
 I use my new  Gosh  white shoes in this event. 

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