Extreme trip in a wonderful night

Jumat, Januari 04, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

Christmas is over, the new year was to fill the human mind.
On the edge of the road, a lot of which sell fireworks and trumpets. My friends also have a lot to plan the new year. New year be a moment together with family, friends, and people you love.
This time I was the new year with my class, Nana. I can not wait to capture all the fireworks in Bundaran HI with this camera. Oh My Almighty, Subhanallah, it's a very  amazing, very beautiful and I was amazed to see the sky at night. Happy New Year guys :D 
Around 300.000 people of Jakarta enjoyed the 16 stages and carnivals along the Sudirman Street, on December 31st 2012. This is also the 1st Jakarta's Car Free Night following the successful of Car Free Day as one of the work program from Mr. Jokowi & Ahok. 
We walked over 4 kilometers cause from 04.00 pm, the streets should be free of the vehicle, and to get to The Bundaran HI, we walked up to return home at 01.00 am.

during the day, me and nana went to seven eleven then went to the mall to shoping.

Day of joy. Hopefully in 2013 we can all be better.

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