New Spirit, My Empire!

Rabu, Januari 02, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

Bedroom. what does it mean to you?? just a place to rest? or even meaningless?
The bedroom is a castle to me. This space as a place to rest, a place to learn, places to eat, places to sleep, places to exercise and others. I only had one space, it's all here.
Waaaah feels very different when I occupy a larger space than before. Bigger, fresh, colorful and comfortable. Few days ago, I've  moved away. Closer to campus and the friendliness of its inhabitants made ​​me feel at home here. Previously, this room is a warehouse. The first time I saw this room, eeemm the floor is dirty, dusty and messy stuff everywhere. Still need to think and yap eventually I decided to try the move.
RED? Always been a pride to me. Bedrooms were used, also bright red. Red gave me the spirit in all things. Combined with black, gold and gray. everything would be perfect!
Light sleep and decoration accessories on this table I am also a neat layout, I really like the black light sleeper, has high artistic value. Ace hardware to help me. Now this room is like a palace. All activities will I spend here.

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