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I thought that I  really stupid because I leave this blog and busy with the other activities. Of course, I totally missed those of the moments when I have to chose the photos and share my stories in this blog. It so much fun because this blog can be my diary. 
So, long story, too busy with my thesis, then I really had lost my mood. I'm just keep in touch with my Instagram. If you want to visit, click this
Recently, I open albums on my laptop folders and I found old pictures when I was having great moments because I've spent my days with them,  they're my close friends while on campus. 
We had vacation out of town..

I will say.. that "difficult" to get together when each of us has a different schedule. Thank God, they will take the time to gather or celebrate the birthday of one of us even in a simple way. 
I the another addition, we also have an interesting agenda in Ramadhan, that we'll share foods for peoples who needs more attention. Sahur together on 3am and feels very pleasant :)
What that I want to highlight is "a friendship" will always change. There will be a bustle of which can't be imposed, but enjoy and please appreciate the time you have with those of people you care about :) 

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