My trip to Singapore!!

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-DAY 1-
Actually, I don't have any plans for my very long holiday 3 months ago, just return to my hometon and enjoy the beach in front of the house. Accidentally, I and my sister are planning to spend one full day in Singapore, seems to be fun! hahaa
It turns out, my mom will have business in Singapore with her colleagues and she will brought my brother. Here my plan, I and my sister will explore Singapore in one full day and will meet my mom in Singapore for the next day. Whatta brilliant plan! I had booked plane tickets and a hotel room in Singapore for two days and get ready for the trip as backpacker (without suitcase).
I have arrived safely in rainy Singapore, 15 minutes later..... the rain had stopped and we were ready for a walk 
Sri Mariamman Temple - the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore
 map has already in my hand, then move towards many interesting destination to visit.
Chinatown is where Hindu temples and mosques sit right next to Chinese temples. Sri Mariamman Temple and Jamae Mosque are on South Bridge Road, as is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.
The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum gets its name from what the Buddhists regard as the Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic.
 focus on the map..
guess what, these windows are the part of Ministry of Communication and Information
love that colorful artwork in National Museum of Singapore.
then explored Little India St, found unique stairs of restaurant
-DAY 2-
full of drama, pardon my face..
Alhamdulillah in 2015 I can enjoy some parts of this country with my family.
Certainly very tired. Still not satisfied to explore all parts of Singapore, some of the places that I visited had not photographed because I was too tired. Last but not least, I really love Singapore, very organized, clean and impressive.
The last time I visited Singapore in 2013, with limited time can enjoy only 2 hours in the night on the Marina Bay while I was on Choir Competition. You can check my post Short night in Singapore 
Here I attach some of pictures from that link ^^

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