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Back to my real life...
The first picture in this post was my exciting day!!!!!! As a tour guide, I have a lot of experiences in some of museum in Jakarta. Me and my friends have a long and fun day with him  :D
 I rarely share stories about my activities in college. But actually I enjoyed a lot of things, has become the part International Relations student with them is the part that will never be forgotten. 
-They have filled almost all my days-
 Know the character of each other so well, (until this day) I feel their presence is very important for me in the process becoming more mature.

 they give full support to me when I'm holding a concert. I'm glad they were there for me.
 International Relations Culture Festival and so much fun!!

 we laugh, we fun, we share and we are the one - International Relations '2012
This is my recent big agenda... 
Short Diplomatic Course has become one of the activities that we should follow within 2 days for International Relations students. Learn diplomacy, negotiations, formal discussions and many other things so that improving our English. The difference is, we use formal attire like the real foreign minister and it feels weird hahaha
 who would not like selfie?
  I am so much proud to be part of the European Union as a foreign minister and they are my team who attended the ASEAN Regional Forum.
so many pictures that I save for a memorable and the future may not be with them again..

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