Vietnam Day 1& 2 - Goes to Singapore & Vietnam

Kamis, Agustus 01, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 4 Comments

Finally we can move one step forward together. This is our opportunity as a team to prove our existence to everything. Flight to Vietnam is eagerly awaited. We have to transit to Singapore for the first while waiting for the next plane. It such as a vacation, but there is one task that we can not forget. Yaaaap we had the race not to have fun.
I was a chocolate enthusiast. Saw this shop at the airport, I did not forget to enter, look around and buy  my favorite Cadbury  ^^
Know this place? I had arrived in Vietnam! The language is funny. Hear people talking to the language such as China Mandarin language or anything. The important point is, it is sad when they can not speak English language :( OMG, I' m freaking out, mostly we combine with body language so that they can understand.

After arriving at the airport in Vietnam, we still have 24hours drive from Ho Chi Minh city to Hoi An. We use a sleeping bus which was very convenient for our 24 hour trip. during the trip, I could see the green paddy fields, towering mountains and blue seas.
One full day in a very tiring trip, what we want is rested enough so that we are able to perform in the competition

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