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I'm getting busy with my tasks. I need more time to rest in my bed room. Yahhh, my small bedroom has become a haven when I was tired. I'm very happy with my daily style, I enjoy my style with my over sized sweaters, oxford shoes or boots and over sized pants too, also coupled with a large backpack
I'm learning to play guitar, so sometimes I bring the guitar to the campus. Hopefully I'll be able to sing while playing guitar. So, these pictures I took while I was relaxing in the room on arrival in my bedroom from the campus.
This is a photo taken by accident while I was laughing. I'm sorry for the blurry photo guys.
Than, what about your style while going to campus? Share with us :)

Sweater : Hush Puppies
Cap : Java Jazz Festival
Pant : Point One
Shoes : Adorable Project 

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