Sea World - Underwater View !

Jumat, Juni 17, 2016 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

Nope, it's not about finding Nemo or Finding Dory, guys... But I love them both and can't wait to watch The Finding Dory on cinema *jumping*
I've been loving underwater view since I was in elementary school because I live on the coast and enjoying the beautiful beach views every day. Always dreaming to directly see how amazing the scenery under the sea until I ended up diving a year ago in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia. 
But, in this post.. I will share my cool experience in the big aquarium in Sea World, Ancol, Jakarta.
 Little while ago, I was visiting one of my vacation list. Actually, I really want to know more about Sea World in Ancol, Jakarta. After seeing some of reviews on google, someone willing to accompany me to fulfill my wishes, Thank you! I'm totally excited!!!
A trick for you who want to visit this place is make sure that you won't come at the weekend :) This place will be full of visitors, especially children in weekend --"
But, glad to know that I made a right decision to visited this place at weekdays hahaa


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