Wanna be Turkish Girl ?

Rabu, Juni 05, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 4 Comments

Merhaba! :D Nasıl gün?
Waaah, the second semester was very quickly passed. In english exam, my three professors decided to speaking exam with presentations & exhibitions.
  My friends and I presented about TURKEY! Yeay... it was my idea because I was very impressed with the Turkish state. Other than that, I mastered some material about it, so it does not seem so hard alhamdulillah. With traditional dress, kebab as popular food & carrying the flag of the Turkish state itself by my handmade.
  Very pleased to present it well and get a result!
 Welcome to the holiday yihaaaaaa :D

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4 komentar:

  1. nadiaaaaaa keliatan gendut pake baju itu :D

    1. Iya bajunya super big dan panjang banget, harus pake heels tinggi hahaha :D Demi Turki yu :p

  2. Loving these pictures :)



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