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 All participants were very curious & some even fear with this agenda. Paramadina Leaders Camp or called PLC has become one of the activities organized by the Paramadina University each year and all of student must participate in the event. This training is designed with teaching and knowledge of leadership exercised by the experiential with outward-bound media. Involving many republican army of Indonesia (TNI). This time, the leadership training held in the high place, cold air, which is on Mount Bunder, Bogor.  
Sunrise view if you are in the highest terrain like what I feel is very very very AMAZING. I ceaselessly amazed to see the mountain that hung beautifully, the water is very fresh, green leaves, and do not like Jakarta which is filled with pollution. Here you can breathe fresh air while you wake up.
 walk about 4 miles up the Mount Bunder, and had to go through the rivers and wet mossy ground. It's very difficult area. Many of us are falling because the terrain is very steep and slippery.
 We were greeted warmly by the soldiers, I mean TNI, they were very excited to teach us about leadership. The committee provides a very exciting games, playing with mud, creativity, discipline, neatness and speed of course in order to win the games. Yap they are my friend, we're from Group One (Chicken Group),
group name that sounds weird hahaha
 on the second day we were taught how to survive by eating leaves that naturally exist in the forest without boiling, then catch the snake, drinking snake blood, eating snake and other things.
 Another thing that became our pride is as high as we had to climb about 10 meters Rafting at sunset.  Oh My God it's awesome!!!!! When arrived below, each participant draped cloth which marked the official proof that we have followed the PLC! Oh yaa I miss Mr. Tajan, Mr. Andrian and Mr. Budi. Thanks a lot for your knowledge and guidance for Paramadina University. I will remember the story of your struggle.
 despite the rain, we remain excited. truly this was a memorable experience during 3 days were in the mountain. NO PHONE, NO MUSIC, NO SMOKE, NO MALL, ONLY DISCIPLINE, ASSERTIVE, & STRONG!
 last night we gathered in the field, singing the national song and kissed the Indonesian flag.

 In the last day, Mr. Anies Baswedan as rector of the Paramadina University provide speech for declare officially that we have followed successfully PLC & allowed to return to Jakarta again.
Mountain, cool, sun, insects, stars, jackets, sneakers, reposeful, a forest of words that describe this activity. Thank you guys, we through the tough days along with success. Welcome home, I miss my phone and miss Jakarta hahaha :D 
Photographer : Documentation of PLC -Winahaya

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