An Old Denim

Sabtu, Juni 01, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

 I'm crazy lately, very busy with my freak activities. After exams ended in campus, I should be able to have fun in the 3 months for long vacation. However, I must follow the leadership training in the mountains for 3 days from campus called Paramadina Leadership Camp (PLC), then a week later guys, I had to be ready for my Choir team big concert on June 10th 2013 and I still can not vacationing like my friends .Oh Damn!! I have to exercise every day with my team... Yap I'm going to Vietnam for a week for the Chior Competition. Bring the name of Indonesia. Basiclly, who is not proud? Well I'm gonna tell ya in the next post.
 Let's have fun for a moment...
 Denim is my choice for hangout today.. I checked back in my cupboard. I have found my mother's old clothes. Yaaap still seems very nice and I can use to hangout with my friends.
Sweater : Hush Puppies / Key chain : Canon / Hand Bag : Indonesian Lovers / Sock : Japan Young

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