Soft blue and Strong Red

Senin, April 01, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

My late post zzzzzZzZzZZzZ.... super old pictures :p
I got a super sporty hat from Java Jazz Festival 2013 :p Super cool event.
Acer Laptop// Suci Utami Scarf// Payless black wedges// Casio watch// White lomo camera
 Purple camera necklace// Underwater blue lomo camera// The cap of Java Jazz Festival 2013
Hush Puppies blue cardigan// Parachute camera t-shirt// Phones// Colorful legging.
They call me Camera addicted. I don’t even understand why the camera became my identity. Apart from hobby, I wish photography could be a positive thing for me, could be spirit for my daily activity. Wherever I go, I will be at ease when carrying the camera. That night, I felt bored in my room. Have fun with outfit?? no problem, i love it ! :D

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