Red Girl is on Fire

Selasa, April 02, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 2 Comments

Time is over,  duty day always bring me to the moon with all of the crush and freakin activity on collage... Damn, even my mind said that why fall in love when i can fall asleep? right ya? Even i was very busy, take many pictures is always on my mind, tonight, Red girl is on fire burning . How I love red when this color combine with black hahaa :D

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2 komentar:

  1. wahhh suka sama detail bajunya, foto2nya juga keren2:))
    kalau kamu punya waktu luang, jangan lupa jalan2 ke blog aku ya, dan berharap kamu mau followback, aku sudah follow blog kamu loh, heeee:))
    senang berkenalan:))

    1. Terimakasih banyak :) salam kenal ya :D


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