Paramadina Choir in Perbanas Institude Concert

Jumat, Maret 08, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

Waaahh long time no posting on my blog hahaa :p  Paramadina Choir is come back :D
 Costume is our power in every performance, means that without costume, it is not complete. In this moment, Paramadina Choir choose grey with pink as a dress code in performance. Soft but sweet I think.
 well, they are Perbanas Institude Choir, I was amazed with their voice, very strong yaaa.
 they are the participant from High School of 34 and then here we are yaaaaaa
 Always remember to take more pictures before performance, when we're in costume and make up room.
Glad to be a part of them, join the wonderful voice with all of participant. See you in next posting :D

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