Happy 1st year Birthday My Faith

Senin, April 01, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

It was our special day.  Happy birthday my Persian Faith :D
The things that make me love cat is their spoiled, lazybones, cute and smart. Oohh let me tell you guys, her name is Faith, born on February 29th 2012. She’s a Persian cute sweet little cat hahaha :D with thick fur and a long tail. I miss you so much my Faith. Your birthday is the biggest party i've ever had -____-'' you are cat, and you celebrate your birthday such a little girl, oh my god damn.... 
As one proof that we love you, we decorate this room with colorful flags and balloons, also birthday cake, coke, and birthday cap. Happy birthday Faith.. hopefully grow into a mature cat, get married and always healthy :)

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