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hahahaha hello blogers..
I had found a few pictures during my childhood. Together with my brothers and sisters in some places when holiday.It's quite embarrassing and intriguing when looking at the pictures.
it all makes me laugh. hahahaa My narrow eyes oh no...... -____-' and my blond hair.
okay this look at all hhahaa

 nadia(me), mba ami, mba anggun * from left to right
mba indah, mba anggun, nina, me, mba ami

me, mba ami, mba anggun, bang eko

 tante devi, dea, ario, joddy, me, my mom, tante ida *from left to right

  and the specialy one is when I pick up my mom with nina, my sister.
I also fell so proud to have a family like this.
Love all :*

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