How I love My Day

Selasa, Mei 15, 2012 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

 Well guys..when I was in Nanny's, I found this , It's so deliciousssssss... and I want to taste it again :)
yummmy... look at this! Pancakes with Blackberry..
and this one is the Pancakes and Waffle with Oreo Chocolate toping :)
back to the Nanny's Pavillon.. French fries with mayonnaise..
yes, Pancakes again guys, with Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream toping..
Pancakes with Chocolate and chips...
I love PANCAKES...
Tutty Fruty. Fresh and rich of fruits..
Milkshake Strawberry...
cute chocolate..
 One again I found Milkshake Strawberry guys...
 A glass of tutty fruty and an Original Waffle and Pancake with Chocolate Ice Cream.
My Bread Toasted
 How do I do not love if my days I find it all? I want to taste it again.What about you?? Do you have any suggestions for new places?

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