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Woooowww.. will never believe that it really happens, guys :D Our preparation in 2 months such a dream comes true. Paramadina Choir 
Before the announcement of winners, representatives from each participant is required to sing a song Melati di Tapal Batas Bekasi together. How proud we were able to sing along with the conductor Mr.Bambang as the man who is an expert and experienced in the world of music!!

None Paramadina 2012 :)
Each delegation of participants ready in stage for the announcement of The Winner of UNTAR competition 2012.
What a happy day cause, we won the trophy, guys !!!!! Happy, laugh, cry and jump together when we heard the announcement. 
we'll be waiting for the next Untar competition in 2013 :) believe or not, it was very awesome moment with Paramadina Choir!!

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