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It such a wonderful night with my freakin friends. Saturday afternoon after class with Sir Yosie, we have spent the time to go to the mall and have fun there. Then we chose the Kelapa Gading mall as our Saturday night destination. Far and jammed roads make the trip to be a bad start, but after arriving at the scene, my eyes fixed on each store with the word "discount". oh of course Christmas and new year made ​​tremendous happiness for huge discounts. mall is a haven of every woman who loves shopping.
every corner filled with Christmas ornaments with red-green color.
hmmm, we decided to have dinner at the food court.
how happy this heart when finding the store with items that are unique and hilarious. I long to be there to remember Nina and Kevin should be given a birthday present. Eventually I found the right gifts to their tastes.
 on the ground floor, there is a Christmas show with background Christmas celebrates of the royal palace.
I wear black clothes, with a beloved bag with a picture of a camera, a camera shaped necklace, a black shirt with a picture of a camera, and of course my favorite of the new white shoes I bought a month ago
Happy Saturday night, guys :)

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