Sunday Holic - Christmast

Minggu, Desember 09, 2012 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

Monday be a bad day for us guys, yaaah we have to wait for the afternoon classes, about 6 hours difference from the morning class. Oh no Kill me!!! One alternative to fill the empty time is hang out with my freakin friends. If we do not go to the mall, they would come to my room to relax and spoil the beauty of my room. 
Then, they willingly accompanied me to go to Grand Indonesia to buy new shoes yihaaaaa

Hush puppies, Forever 21 and after many hours of walking around in the mall, we were very hungry and oh Prince Waffle :D so yummy and deliciousssssssss aahh.. but Nana, Mica and Dinda still hungry and they brought others food.
 Someone took me a candid picture ahhaha
Well, a few days away, Christmas is coming. The whole mall and tourist spots are covered by ornaments and Christmas decorations with white snow that's really funny and gives the impression of cheerfulness throughout visitors.. I'm also very happy with red and green Christmas ornaments. I'll be waiting for Santa Claus hahaha

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