Sky dining for ladies night

Minggu, Oktober 14, 2012 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

Views of Jakarta from 9th floor of Sky Dining Plaza Semanggi. Yaaah guys, we all know that what happened in Jakarta? The road is very full of vehicles and crowded by many people. Glad to see the sights of the tall buildings at night also all the lights are shining bright. 
I have a wonderful night with all of them, ladies night for Mica, Sani, Nana, Dinda and of course me. We will have fun together. laughs, dinner, take some pictures, jokes, jokes and jokes hahaha
Dinda ordered Spagethi Bolognaise, nana with Blue Heart and Sani also ordered Chicken Cheese Steak.
Without our plan, the 3 of us wearing bright red clothes hahaha it looks like China new year guys :D
I wear a polkadot scraft from Zaida//red cardigan from Polo//red shoes from Derros.
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