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Hows your day guys? oh  really long time no posting my story and my stupid freakin photos here.
 Hhmmm, Let me tell you about how i live my days, so hard guys. How can I go on living like this trash? haha not to bad, how far far far?...distance of where I live with my college that exist in urban centers and central office. Every day I went to college with a full train and crowded with peoples. What I want is just bed and sleep, take a rest for some day. Oh ya finally I have found a new place to live near my collage :D sounds great.
Well, I'm a new student of  Paramadina University and yeye i'm from International Relations.
one thing that I think about this faculty is WONDERFUL. Learned not only about the relationship between the countries but foreign policy, technology and each others, fun and make me happy. Have a new friend from different faculty, learned more. there are from Palembang, Jakarta, Bali, Sulawesi and also Iran.
Found a bad lecturer who always bored and good lecturers who always fun and could make us scream and laugh every time.
 The wonderful theater performance from Theater Paramadina Club.
 HIMAHI is Himpunan Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional in Paramadina University.
 Happy birthday HIMAHI ! Proud to be a part of HIMAHI 2012 !
 In the friday, September 28th 2012 @ 4.30 pm, There are an agenda for all of the International Relations Faculty in Auditorium Nurcholish Madjid., We called it "OMG"On  MEET and GREET HI 2012. The dress code of the new student is Batik! oh ya, in 2nd October  is Batik's Day! Proud to wear Batik :D
back to the agenda, there are fashion cultural show, theater performance, band and acoustic performance, talk show, and also meet and greet for all of the part of International Relations.
Every one in my class who are birthday, should get surprised. They are Annisa from Bali and Dinda from Jakarta who celebrated their birthday. We gave them birthday cakes :) Happy birthday guys, hope they always healthy and happy. Love class C International Relations so much ! 

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