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Surely you are wondering what the purpose of the pictures?
hmmmm........ yah, I have not been able to realize.

Guys,There are so many people who said to me, that I was so stupid! so stupid! they told me that chance, it does not come twice! I should much prefer that than this. It's better than this. 

I was really pleased when they accepted me as a student with a scholarship there, of course. Who is not proud to continue their studies abroad? Got the experience would have been very different. Discover new cultures, new foods, new styles and new friends . Oooohh it is definitely very fun! I do not mean to brag it all, but guys I just wanted to tell you about my feelings for you all.
Then, what about the sadness because of the distance with people who had been there near me?
I certainly would feel sad if I had to leave them all. But it does not matter if it will help me get better. I love to try new things in my life. Turkey? Far away, nadia. Everyone said so, as if I were little chicks are paralyzed and helpless. HAHAHA
I was really surprised to receive these emails. Did not expect at all. I'm an ordinary student, not too smart. I even received a few hard lessons. I asked myself. What I deserve this scholarship? What should I take? What should I do? 

I've been waiting for this all. I want to make my family proud. my friends proud of me, my teacher proud of me, even my school is also proud of me. at least I've tried and I accepted. Very heavy lead step by step in this scholarship. This scholarship is not easy. I was so scared when I first will not be accepted. Thank God, I thank God almighty, gave me the miracle. After I experienced a lot of failures
This is my life choices. I should be able to choose even though it was not the best thing that I want. I hope I can get a scholarship at the start of next year. Bismillah Ya Allah :)
please pray for me, guys.

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