Make Up Class - Paramadina Choir Goes to UNTAR Competition 2012

Jumat, November 16, 2012 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

Paramadina Choir Goes to Untar Competition SUK SUK SUK SUKSEEEEESSSS !!!!!!!!!!!
I'll never forget those words.
Words that are one of our strength after we finish training sing and then choreography every day. Yap, every day we practiced in the same room also the same people, with our coach called kak Pitung and coach of our choreography called bang Er. Eeemmm I forgot his name hehee sory.
Today's special session class to make up our preparations later in the competition. Kak bela as a  teachers make up  and kak nina as the make up model.

Paramadina Choir taught me a strong togetherness, compassion, discipline and hard worker. Every day we practice, many peoples argue that we are under pressure, but I think it is reasonable to achieve excellence in our performance later. Many of us are sick, because we got home almost midnight every day.  
After we selected, there are 35 members of the Paramadina Choir including the conductor who have chosen to follow UNTAR Competition 2012. Nearly two months of practice before the competition. I hope Paramadina Choir get a gold medal and won one as a result of our two-month training and today is the seventh day before the competition begins. 
Our coach's birthday !! Then we gave her a surprise after we finished singing exercises in the 4th november.. Happy birthday kak Pitung, Paramadina choir always love you loooh kak
We have been featuring a flash mob in the lobby Paramadina University to commemorate the Heroes day :) we love batik.

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