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EHEF 2012 has just started. There are more than 90 exhibitors from European universities ready to give us Information about scholarships as well as studying in Europe. Where? Thamrin 9 Ballroom (Jl M.H. Thamrin No: 10), 11:00-18:00 WIB and it's FREE for public.
 It will be the last day of EHEF and it's going to be fun, watch and dance with them during their Flash Mob, join their Photo Competition and capture unique pictures with our friends and family.

She is Mrs.Teresa Stead from UK :) nice too meet and talk with her. Friendly and inspiring women. We are very much to talk to her
King's College 
DEEF Germany
Art & Design Campus.

Sweet chocolate from International Officers of Austria... Thank you sir :)
they also gave me so many candies from Austria.
after we share our stories and experiences, we took a picture together.
1. I look around the university brochure.
2. Thamrin nine ballroom.
3. Mrs Theresa's glasses and Bradford University's book.
4. The roof of the building seen from below.
 I really enjoyed the opportunity this time. meet with people that I wait for it, ask and tell each other and share experiences. Certainly what I asked them about the university, youth exchanges, summer courses, scholarships, language courses, and life there. UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, and other countries. Lots of information I get, they are all very friendly and inspiring.


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