Bohol Beach Club - Photoshoot of Paramadina Choir

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I was in a long holiday at the end of the semester and Ramadhan. Quite difficult to collect mood, because lately I'm quite lazy to write, when there are so many photos that should have been posted. This time, I told about the experience that I had, when I entered a big choir competition, but that competition like vacation experience. Why? Because the competition presents the view that such a paradise. The scenery in front of the hotel room was also very beautiful, there is a beach where the water is very clear with colored sand is very white. Suddenly, my memory for the competition changed to have fun for the holidays.
Trust me, You will be amazed when you see a view like this. That was Bohol, Philippine.
Yaaaaaaaaa... I've been in Philippine!!
I will share the experience while in the competition, in my next post ya. So, what would I tell you now?
with scenery as beautiful as this, it is a pity if missed a chance to do a photo shoot. So, me and some friends, planning to do a photo shoot for this team. By using one of our costume competition and simple makeup.  
We also did photo shoot for each type of voice, the Bass and Ternor for men, Alto and Soprano for women.
Here we are Paramadina Choir...
I'm proud to be part of Soprano and Alto. In some songs, I was in the soprano, but I also was in Alto. Actually, in the beginning I felt quite overwhelmed because I have to study twice, once when the coach told me to help the other types of voice. However, the longer, this was fun, I learned a lot of difference between them.

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