19th Birthday Blast !! Lovely peoples..

Selasa, Desember 24, 2013 Nadia Dwifortuna 0 Comments

There are no words that can be spoken when remember again how happy I am on my birthday. December 18th 2013, I have celebrated my birthday with my mother and my family. Birthday, is when all my wishes will be realized, am I like a child? On that day, my mother granted every single of my request in special day. Once again I'm very happy. I went to the cake store and pick some very cute little cake. Decorations and accessories throughout the room is very cute and attract the attention of every visitor who comes.
and the most important, the cake is very tasty!!! Supperrrr...
I woke up in  18th dec because I’ve been startled by song of birthday and of course these cute birthday cup cakes! Thank you for all of you who have loved me. Thank you for Anggi and Sani, you're so sweet, girls!
And the last but not least..... I love my International Relations Class!!! Cool guys! Although it was a late surprise, but everything was very touching. Hug and kiss from me. Thank you because you have to sing a birthday song in the cafeteria hahhaa and everyone saw it, I was so embarrassed :p 
Oh ya, Happy 20th birthday, Nana my super girl! We also love you :)


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