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hmmm...Idul Fitri holiday, which is very long. After the wedding my sister, I just go for a walk around the city of Bengkulu. Not much has changed, there is still much as it used to.
I found this picture at the university entrance test. Words are very funny and inspiring. Every time I find a bike, I always reminded of my boyfriend, because my boyfriend really liked anything about the bike. Oh miss you dude.
Lomography, something fun and exciting. I joined the group Lomography, and want to complete my collection. I wish I could wait to save up and buy it
Novel has always attracted my eyes when in bookstore, of any kind. I love reading and collecting books. when alone and not doing other things, I mostly read books while drinking cold tea or juice and then I leaned on the wall and I do not want to be disturbed.
Shoes? was also the thing that makes most women feel complete. That woman really wants to look perfect and beautiful.
Hijab?all Muslim women want to look stylish and beautiful but within the limits of Islam. many  hijab books available in the bookstore, from the simple book and only have a few pieces until a very thick book.
I'm proud to be hijabers!
Chocolate cake...yeye so yummy! I made a chocolate cake for the second time. It was very pleasant, fragrant and sweet. Though the picture is not too good, but very tasty. Sorry I took this photo with my cell phone guys..
play games on the tablet belongs to my brother. very exciting!
I greatly admire the author of this book. first was when I borrowed my friend's book in high school. then I read it carefully, the book GREY SUNFLOWER. I was surprised to read it. after I was browsing on google and I found that the author bio and I added her as a friend on facebook. how thrilled when I was accepted as a friend on facebook and she replied my messages oh my god, how happy i am. then she released her second book titled RAINBOW and OCEAN. I do not regret buying it because the book is very good and inspiring in many ways. KEEP THE SPIRIT kak RUTH  :)

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