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Haloooooooo guys :P how about your life? Feel good?
I found some photos on my files that remind me into one year ago when I’m in Jakarta. I miss all of this moment :(
I followed a speech competition in University of Indonesia (UI). 
My family, my friends, my teacher and the others supported me to join this competition. With all of my power ahahaha :p finally I can join this national competition. THE 14TH ALSA NATIONAL ENGLISH COMPETITION. 
Waw, with the motto “ DARE TO COMPETE, STEP UP to LEAD.”  It’s amazing.
There are debate, speech, news casting, battle of brains, spelling bee, paper presentation, etc.11 participants from SMAN 2 Bengkulu and many participants from SMAN 5 Bengkulu.  Bengkulu just choose 2 schools for join in ALSA competition.

The photo above when we arrived at Sukarno-Hatta airport, Jakarta.
We stayed in Wisma Makara UI with some delegations from Indonesia. 
First day in UI, in the night We all gathered in one room to prepare all of the materials for our competition tomorrow. Until 2 pm each others still practice in the room.

She is a participant from Senior High School Bandung.
They're the participants of SPELLING BEE. 
The 1st, 2nd, and 3th winner with the judges.
That damn speech text hahaa :P
It's the opening from the chairman of the committee.

Can not follow study in my school, I lost all of the lesson hahhaaha but I don’t care. Cause I have a dream that I will be a winner in this national competition.
Some delegation in Indonesia such as Bengkulu, Palembang, Padang, Jabodetabek, Bali, DIY, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Manado, Makasar etc.
The dress code of Opening ceremony is batik and "putih abu-abu" 
oh my God, I've lost my photos.  3th day i use blezer in speech competition.

the last day in ALSA, In friendship night we use red dress code.

The competition has been done in 7days, from April 14th- 21th 2010, and 1 day before opening, we should arrive in Jakarta. Wow, its unforgettable experience in my life.
i love this moment so much guys (y) :D

Look at this! they are committee of the competition guys !
They are in Closing Ceremony.
and these are some photos that i took in ALSA :)
check it...... :)

Malinda had to buy a cup of coffee...


my dirty shoes .... :P
committees of  ALSA UI 
and actually, It such a wonderful day that no ordinary words fully describe :)
Thank you guys :D

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