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These days I watch a movie with Irfan in the Cinema 21 at 2:25 pm.
The Grey is a 2012 American thriller film directed by Joe Carnahan and starring Liam Neeson,Frank Grillo and Dermot Mulroney. It is based on the short story Ghost Walker by Ian MacKenzie Jeffers, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Carnahan. The story follows a number of men stranded in Alaska after a plane crash, who are forced to survive using little more than their wits, as a pack of wolves stalks them.
Did You Know guys?
According to actor Liam Neeson's account, the temperatures were as low as -40°C in Smithers (British Columbia) where the film was shot. The snow storms/scenes were actual prevailing weather conditions and not a cinematic illusion produced with CGI trickery. To make this film, the Budgets is $25 million. Amazing guys hahaaa :P

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